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Natalie Bell, evokeAG 2024 Future Young Leader.

Natalie Bell

Founder of Hylo Ag

Natalie Bell is the founder of Hylo Ag – a startup aiming to provide a recycling pathway for livestock ear tags. She has a passion for the meat and livestock industry with an Agricultural Science degree with Honours in Livestock Production from Sydney University. Natalie’s career in the meat industry began with business development and key account manager roles in a vertically integrated meat business. Living on a sheep property at Holbrook in southern NSW, she has a sound understanding of the business model intricacies of being the farmer, processor, and marketer.

How one grandma’s words of wisdom are impacting agriculture

When you’re 16, everything’s a big deal. Natalie Bell was a teenager from Sydney facing the tough decisions – to stay at a school that doesn’t feel like the right fit – or move to a school with an agricultural curriculum. Her grandma shared seven words that have impacted the founder of Hylo Ag every day since. ‘Natalie, it’s not a risk, it’s an adventure.’

5 Jun 2024