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evokeAG. 2024

Startups & Scaleups

The evokeAG. Startup Program is the catalyst propelling agrifood tech into the future, uniting 50 pioneering startups and ambitious scaleups with a vibrant ecosystem of producers, innovators, researchers, industry leaders, government bodies, and investors. This dynamic platform spotlights the visionary missions and groundbreaking innovations of founders addressing pressing global agrifood challenges. Join evokeAG. on a journey of innovation and discovery as we showcase transformative solutions that are shaping the future of farming and food production. Meet the exceptional companies behind the next generation of agrifood technology at evokeAG. 2024.


Startup Alley is the vibrant platform featuring 40 of the most innovative agrifood tech and innovation startups and scaleups, both local and global. This dynamic showcase spotlights these groundbreaking companies driving positive change within the agrifood sector. Tailored to tackle global challenges, Startup Alley is the hub for fostering valuable investment, forming commercial partnerships, and building essential connections that influence the future of agriculture and food production. Ten startups from Startup Alley will demonstrate their technologies in real time on the Demo Stage throughout the two-day program. 

The Culinary Capital Dinner at evokeAG. 2024 will spotlight eight innovative Australian and New Zealand startups, allowing each to present their groundbreaking ideas and innovations during a 3-minute pitch. This will be followed by a facilitated 3-minute Q&A session, providing a platform for startups to showcase their concepts, innovations, and customer value propositions to potential funders within the agrifood industry.

The evokeAG. Scaleup Station at evokeAG. 2024 is tailored to champion agrifood tech companies that have transitioned from the startup phase to successful scaleups. Hosting 10 selected companies, all of whom have previously participated in Startup Alley, this exclusive space acknowledges their growth and evolution. At evokeAG. 2024, these companies will showcase their advancements and innovations, aiming to forge connections with potential partners. The Scaleup Station serves as a testament to their progress, offering an exclusive platform to accelerate their growth journey and elevate their profiles as key contributors in the agrifood tech landscape.

Startup Alley delegates are having a conversation in front of the Agronomeye Startup booth
Image of 2023 evokeAG Investor Pitch Dinner attendees
Image of Loam Bio Hospitality Suite at evokeAG 2023


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Yeronga, Queensland

Remote monitoring

Agbot a division of Gasbot Pty Ltd, specialises in state-of-the-art fit-bit technology for on-farm liquid and solid fill-level management.

livestock australia

Agora Livestock

Perth, Western Australia

Livestock prices, buying & selling platform

Agora Livestock combines direct market bids for sheep, cattle and goats from processors, feedlots, live exports and traders with saleyard reports.

crop and soil


Melbourne, Victoria


Agtuary pioneers an operating system for sustainable agriculture, addressing the crucial need for comprehensive environmental data reporting in agribusinesses, financial institutions, and food retailers.


Sydney, New South Wales

Precision agriculture

Agronomeye is an Australian agtech company, advancing the use of digital twins in agriculture.

Aquacultr Group

Newcastle, New South Wales

Foodtech, Aquaculture

AquaCultr Group leads the charge in sustainable seafood production through innovative land-based recirculating aquaculture systems.

AquaWatch Solutions

New Zealand


AquaWatch Solutions leads the charge in safeguarding waterways for future generations.


Sydney, Australia


Azaneo pioneers lightning-fast electric weeding tech, blending power electronics with plant-targeting algorithms.

Bird Control Group


Yield optimisation, Pest management

Bird Control Group pioneers premium laser bird repellent equipment, mitigating bird presence by over 70%.

Bitwise Agronomy

Relbia, Tasmania

Bitwise Agronomy pioneers GreenView agritech to help growers increase forecast accuracy.

Boost AI

Rous Mill, New South Wales

Boost AI specialises in developing cutting-edge machine vision systems for applications within agriculture, food, industrial, and health sectors.


New Zealand

Animal health

Bovonic leads dairy farming innovation with a groundbreaking solution revolutionizing herd health and profitability.

C4C Packaging

Applecross, Western Australia

Processing and packaging

C4C Packaging is championing sustainable beverage packaging solutions


Griffith, New South Wales

Biological farming

Converte champions biological inputs for agriculture, helping farmers build healthier more resilient and profitable farming operations.

CropX Technologies

New Zealand

Farm management software

CropX Technologies stands at the forefront of an intuitive yet powerful agronomic farm management system, linking real-time farm data with agronomic knowledge to foster sustainable and prosperous farming.

Energy Farmers Australia

Geraldton, Western Australia

Waste management

Energy Farmers Australia leads the charge in innovative waste management solutions, reshaping waste repurposing, market entry, and business decarbonisation.


Perth, Western Australia

Data, Traceability, SaaS Asset Management System

EXTAG stands out as a premier provider of Smart Asset Management systems, demonstrating a robust dedication to delivering efficient asset management solutions with a focus on heightened user engagement, achieved through seamless implementation of customisable forms.


Armidale, New South Wales

Precision agriculture

FarmLab offers an ecosystem of environmental measurement services and software, facilitating the digitisation of on-farm environmental data.

Farmed Carbon

Sydney, New South Wales

Novel farming systems, Waste management

Farmed Carbon, an Australian technology firm, innovates rice straw waste management by converting it into bio-asphalt.

Farm Optimisation Group

Kojonup, Western Australia

Farm management software, Yield optimisation

Farm Optimisation Group empowers producers with comprehensive farm management solutions, utilising an advanced whole-farm economic decision tool.


Hume, NSW

Soil health

Food2Soil pioneers a circular economy by transforming commercial food waste into biologically enriched fertiliser, benefiting home gardeners, farmers, and horticulturalists.

Gaia Project Australia

Melbourne, Victoria

Novel farming systems

Gaia Project Australia is building autonomous farming solutions for future greenhouse and vertical farms.

Goanna Ag

Goondiwindi, Queensland


Goanna Ag specialises in elevating smart farming practices, particularly in irrigation scheduling, to enhance water-use efficiency by over 10%

Grown Not Flown

Glenmore, Victoria

E-commerce and market platform

Grown Not Flown operates as a connecting platform for small-scale producers, particularly flower farmers, establishing a global link with consumers.

Hone Corporation

Broadmeadow, New South Wales


Hone Corporation introduces a handheld spectrometer with an ML chemometric model-engine, revolutionising on-the-go chemical analysis for agriculture.


Sydney, New South Wales

Novel farming systems

InvertiGro provides plug-and-play indoor farming solutions to enable efficient and sustainable production of food, seedlings, fodder, pharmaceuticals and more, almost anywhere and at any scale.


Nedlands, Western Australia

Plant science

Laconik specialises in technology that facilitates convenient monitoring and reporting of farm-scale trials, contrasting the limitations of small-scale research plots.

LB Agtech

Pakenham, Victoria

Traceability, Animal data, Animal health

LB Agtech has developed BeeSTAR, a cutting-edge solution validating honey's value and overseeing hive locations in real-time via global connectivity and an in-house Hive Health Matrix


Brendale, Queensland

Waste management, Soil health

MaxSil pioneers an innovative silicon-based plant nutrient and bio stimulant sourced from post-consumer soda lime glass.


Mount Clarence, Western Australia

Farm management software

myFARMSMART streamlines decision-making for farmers.

NanoSoils Bio

Sydney, New South Wales

Precision agriculture, Plant science

NanoSoils introduces an innovative nanoparticle formulation designed to enhance seed germination, withstand drought, conserve irrigation water, and shield crops from pests.


Fremantle, Western Australia

Precision agriculture

Nitronic is at the forefront of developing technology to enable farming communities to create zero-emission fertilisers independently.


Adelaide, South Australia

Supply chain optimisation

Optomni facilitates enhanced market reach and decreased food wastage through their AI-powered platform, OmniOrder®.

Orijin Plus

Perth, Western Australia


Orijin Plus is a comprehensive IoT and Blockchain-based platform, innovating product tracking and authentication in the food and beverage sector.

Pairtree Intelligence

Orange, New South Wales

Animal data, Farm management software

Pairtree Intelligence serves as the conduit unlocking farmers' data beyond the farm gate, enabling seamless export to banks, agribusinesses, and innovative platforms.


United States of America

Data, Animal data, Animal health, Animal welfare

Protequus® is an Austin-based biomedical engineering firm dedicated to protecting the welfare of animals through innovative AI-driven solutions such as the NIGHTWATCH® smart halter™, a predictive-health wearable for horses.


Smithfield, Queensland

Data, Plant science

Rainstick employs ancient wisdom and cutting-edge technology to mimic thunderstorm effects, fostering sustainable and accelerated plant growth for future agriculture.


Caroline Springs, Victoria

Data, Traceability, Animal data

Stoketake employs proprietary image recognition tech to uniquely identify livestock through a single mobile photo.

SwarmFarm Robotics

Gindie, Queensland


SwarmFarm Robotics is a pioneer in the development of integrated autonomy and robotics in agriculture.


Alton Downs, Queensland

Data, E-commerce and market platform

TerraCipher's mission is to turn insight into impact. We collaborate with universities and industry to bridge research into real-world applications. We host researcher's state-of-the-art data analytics algorithms to make them available directly to industry.

The Leaf Protein Co.

Camberwell, Victoria

Plant science, Foodtech, Alternative protein

The Leaf Protein Co. is at the forefront of extracting protein from Earth's abundant leaf sources, unlocking a vital solution to address the agricultural industry's challenges.

Transport Genie


Traceability, Precision agriculture, Supply chain optimisation

Transport Genie specialises in real-time precision monitoring, ensuring stress-free transportation events while fostering economic value and mitigating risks, all with an eco-conscious approach.


Watermans Bay, Western Australia


Uluu pioneers environmentally-friendly alternatives to plastic, addressing global challenges without sacrificing functionality.

Universal Biosecurity

Fremantle, Western Australia

Supply chain optimisation, Fumigation

Universal Biosecurity Ltd (UBL) specialises in advanced fumigation solutions for sustainable agricultural supply chains.


Perth, Western Australia

Data, Traceability, Animal data, Animal health

VetChip is committed to improving animal health and welfare through innovative technology, proactive monitoring systems, and disease detection, promotes enhanced well-being and performance in animals.


Mount Claremont, Western Australia

Foodtech, Alternative protein

Whole. leads the charge in sustainable foodtech innovation through WINX, an innovative technology crafting plant-based ingredients devoid of chemicals and waste, fostering superior bioavailability for a healthier global food system.

Xsights Digital

Fremantle, Western Australia

Traceability, Animal data

Xsights mission is to empower decision making through affordable data collection and insight reporting.


Sydney, Australia

Data, Farm management software, E-commerce and market platform

Yarta is a cutting-edge Gen-AI tool designed to empower farmers with rapid access to knowledge and information, harnessing the potential of AI.


Yanchep, Western Australia

Animal data, Animal health

Y-Trace offers smart beehive monitoring, enhancing pollination efficiency and preserving bee health for sustainable agriculture.


Wagga Wagga, New South Wales


Zetifi offers novel connectivity solutions for farmers and their machinery, supporting the adoption of connected digital technology in agriculture.


Armidale, New South Wales

Data, Traceability, Foodtech

Zondii empowers farmers and consumers by delivering cutting-edge technology for real-time assessment of food and fibre quality through innovative multispectral tools accessible via smartphones or handheld devices.

growAG image man in field with drone

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