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Our Startup Program

Igniting agrifood innovation.

Applications for the evokeAG. 2024 Startup Program have closed. We look forward to introducing you to the companies who will pitch in the coming months. 

Start up at evokeAG 2023

About the program

The evokeAG. Startup Program serves as a dynamic bridge within the agrifood tech landscape, linking emerging startups and ambitious scaleups with a diverse ecosystem encompassing farmers, innovators, researchers, industry giants, government bodies, and investors. Through this program, founders gain a compelling platform to not only share their stories and success but also to spotlight their groundbreaking innovation, which are pioneering transformative solutions to pressing global agrifood technology challenges. Join us on this journey of innovation and discovery.


Startup opportunities

The four streams that form our Startup Program cater to early stage startups right through to successful scaleups both in Australia and internationally.

evokeAG. Startup Alley

Startup Alley is focused on creating a vibrant platform that showcases the most innovative and exceptional agrifood tech and innovation startups and scaleups, both locally and globally, who are driving positive change in the agrifood sector. Designed to address global challenges and foster investment, commercial partnerships, and connections.

evokeAG. Culinary Capital: A Night for Founders & Funders

The evokeAG. Investor Pitch Dinner has been reimagined to the Culinary Capital Dinner. This evening is designed to create a dynamic and immersive networking opportunity that brings together agrifood tech and innovation startups and scaleups and their target investment audience. The event will be held on Monday, 19 February 2024, the eve of the two-day evokeAG. Event at Postal Hall, Perth, and will provide startups and scaleups with the opportunity to pitch their ideas, innovations, and customer value propositions to potential funders.
The event offers the chance to facilitate conversations and connections between international and local investors and agrifood tech founders.

evokeAG. Scaleup Station

The evokeAG. Scaleup Station is designed to support and showcase agrifood tech companies that have successfully transitioned from the emerging startup phase to the scaleup phase and provides a pipeline for companies to grow to become partner’s of the event. This evolution recognises the growth and progress of these companies, providing them with an exclusive space at the evokeAG. 2024 event to demonstrate their advancements, connect with potential partners, and further accelerate their growth journey.

AgriFutures AgXelerate Program

AgriFutures AgXelerate Program is a new bi-annual program which has evolved from the evokeAG. Startup Network Program. It is specifically designed to cultivate the networks and capabilities of agrifood tech and innovation startups, both domestically and internationally, with the aim of supporting the adoption of new technologies on farms or in the supply chain for AgriFutures levied and emerging industries.

This program will run again in 2025.


  1. Elevate global visibility: Position Australian and international startups and scaleups on a world stage, enabling them to showcase their innovations to a global audience.

  2. Facilitate investment: Connect startups and scaleups with a diverse network of investors, paving the way for funding opportunities that can drive innovation and growth.

  3. Catalyse meaningful connections: Foster a thriving environment where startups can form invaluable industry connections, engage with potential customers, and cultivate vital partnerships.

  4. Showcase agrifood innovation excellence: Spotlight the collective prowess of the agrifood tech ecosystem in Australia and the Asia Pacific, reinforcing the region's standing on the global innovation map.

  5. Drive adoption and impact: Encourage the adoption of groundbreaking agrifood innovations at both farm and supply chain levels, ultimately advancing the transformation of the agrifood sector.

Startup Alley delegates are having a conversation in front of the Agronomeye Startup booth


evokeAG. 2023

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