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evokeAG. 2024

Startups & Scaleups

The evokeAG. Startup Program is the catalyst propelling agrifood tech into the future, uniting 50 pioneering startups and ambitious scaleups with a vibrant ecosystem of producers, innovators, researchers, industry leaders, government bodies, and investors. This dynamic platform spotlights the visionary missions and groundbreaking innovations of founders addressing pressing global agrifood challenges. Join evokeAG. on a journey of innovation and discovery as we showcase transformative solutions that are shaping the future of farming and food production. Meet the exceptional companies behind the next generation of agrifood technology at evokeAG. 2024.


Startup Alley is the vibrant platform featuring 40 of the most innovative agrifood tech and innovation startups and scaleups, both local and global. This dynamic showcase spotlights these groundbreaking companies driving positive change within the agrifood sector. Tailored to tackle global challenges, Startup Alley is the hub for fostering valuable investment, forming commercial partnerships, and building essential connections that influence the future of agriculture and food production. Ten startups from Startup Alley will demonstrate their technologies in real time on the Demo Stage throughout the two-day program. 

The Culinary Capital Dinner at evokeAG. 2024 will spotlight eight innovative Australian and New Zealand startups, allowing each to present their groundbreaking ideas and innovations during a 3-minute pitch. This will be followed by a facilitated 3-minute Q&A session, providing a platform for startups to showcase their concepts, innovations, and customer value propositions to potential funders within the agrifood industry.

The evokeAG. Scaleup Station at evokeAG. 2024 is tailored to champion agrifood tech companies that have transitioned from the startup phase to successful scaleups. Hosting 10 selected companies, all of whom have previously participated in Startup Alley, this exclusive space acknowledges their growth and evolution. At evokeAG. 2024, these companies will showcase their advancements and innovations, aiming to forge connections with potential partners. The Scaleup Station serves as a testament to their progress, offering an exclusive platform to accelerate their growth journey and elevate their profiles as key contributors in the agrifood tech landscape.

Startup Alley delegates are having a conversation in front of the Agronomeye Startup booth
Image of 2023 evokeAG Investor Pitch Dinner attendees
Image of Loam Bio Hospitality Suite at evokeAG 2023


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crop and soil


Melbourne, Victoria


Agtuary pioneers an operating system for sustainable agriculture, addressing the crucial need for comprehensive environmental data reporting in agribusinesses, financial institutions, and food retailers.


Sydney, Australia


Azaneo pioneers lightning-fast electric weeding tech, blending power electronics with plant-targeting algorithms.

Bitwise Agronomy

Relbia, Tasmania

Bitwise Agronomy pioneers GreenView agritech to help growers increase forecast accuracy.


New Zealand

Animal health

Bovonic leads dairy farming innovation with a groundbreaking solution revolutionizing herd health and profitability.


Griffith, New South Wales

Biological farming

Converte champions biological inputs for agriculture, helping farmers build healthier more resilient and profitable farming operations.


Hume, NSW

Soil health

Food2Soil pioneers a circular economy by transforming commercial food waste into biologically enriched fertiliser, benefiting home gardeners, farmers, and horticulturalists.


Watermans Bay, Western Australia


Uluu pioneers environmentally-friendly alternatives to plastic, addressing global challenges without sacrificing functionality.

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