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Farmbot Monitoring Solutions

Water is one of the most valuable resources for any property. Farmbot’s simple proposition is #knowyourwater. Farmbot delivers a cost-effective solution which primarily measures water levels. Water level insights are generated by a Farmbot located on a properties tank, dam or irrigation channel. Farmbot is part of the Internet of Things (IoT) communicating back to the cloud, via 3G/4G or Satellites.

Farmbot delivers via Farmbot’s unique software water insights to our customers via their phone, tablet or PC. Providing customers access to critical water data from anywhere in the world, without a traditional water run (and expense) and protecting their most valuable resource – water with corrective action when it is needed.

Farmbot is an Australian hardware and software company. Locally we employ a team of 15 to deliver our hardware and software solutions across Australia. The team are all focused on bringing our vision to life “to provide visibility and control over water assets to contribute to a more sustainable and stable water supply in the future”. Farmbot has over 1500 monitors running on properties all over the country. Including some of the leading livestock operations in Australia like AACo, CPC and Kidman Pastoral.

Logo for Farmbot Monitoring Solutions
  • Founder/s

    Craig Hendricks

  • Country


  • Raising capital

    Series B $20m

  • Seeking

    Investment, Customers

  • Identified through

    evokeAG. 2020

In The News

Agtech: Launch of two-way satellite connectivity at Beef21

Australian remote monitoring solutions provider Farmbot launches a next-generation camera device at Beef 2021 today which enables farmers to take images of their farm assets and view them in real-time, via two-way satellite connectivity. In a first for the Australian agriculture sector, farmers will be able to physically see water infrastructure, gates, fences or other assets with the touch of a button on their desktop, tablet or mobile device.
Beef Central
3 May 2021

Technical approach to water monitoring

Losing a whole tank of water from cattle nudging the float off the trough was the final straw for Lake Grace farmer Karen Bairstow, Arizona Farms, which prompted her to invest in water monitoring technology.
Farm Weekly
21 Apr 2021

How Isis Downs has tackled remote water monitoring

The manager of a large western Queensland cattle station has described how a significant company investment in remote water monitoring has led to a series of not only expected but also unexpected benefits for the large operation.
Beef Central
19 Apr 2021

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