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With our commercial Y Waste App model, we have struck a cord with consumers, targeting their passion for reducing food waste. We have become a topic in the media with over 50 local and media mentions in under two years, resulting in over 75,000 organic Y Waste App downloads, and 600 merchants. We have had household franchises such as Muffin Break, Sushi Hub and Roll’d as well as council’s such as City of Sydney, Willoughby Council plus Sydney University all implementing our solutions. We now aim to scale and cluster with proven traction in the local marketplace and beyond where we have scaled with our donation model.

Our unique donation platform has been supported and implemented by our partners Foodbank Australia, who account for 70% of the food rescue efforts in this country. This partnership has resulted in our technology being trialled nationally by the Fight Food Waste CRC, who are currently funding and undergoing research. This research aims to discover how our technology can provide a solution to food insecurity in the future in Australia and overseas.

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