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Bee Innovative is unlocking global agriculture by maximising pollination. In the age of precision agriculture, bee pollination practices are largely the same as the 1800’s where producers hope the bees will pollinate their entire crop. Poor pollination has a significant impact on the bottom line, totalling billions of dollars each year in lost yield.

Bee Innovative brings pollination into the modern age with precision pollination. Using BeeDarTM technology, a radar-like sensor for bees. Bee Innovative provides producers pollination maps using BeeDarTM to identify, track and report bee pollination activity in near real time. This revolutionises production because for the first time, producers can identify areas of poor pollination activity during pollination as opposed to waiting for fruit when it is too late. This critical information allows producers to recapture productivity that would have otherwise been lost, increasing crop yield, quality and value.

BeeDarTM technology is unique because it can scan, identify and track thousands of bees simultaneously. BeeDarTM is bee friendly because it doesn’t require the capture of bees. Mounted under UAVs or drones BeeDarTM sensors can scan crops on any scale. Bee Innovative can help you measure, map and manage pollination to unlock the potential of your crop.

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  • Founder/s

    Kate & David Lyall

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    Not at this time

  • Event

    evokeAG. 2022

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    evokeAG. 2020 & 2022

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