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Seven tips for nailing your evokeAG. Startup Program application

Applications for the evokeAG. Startup Program are officially open, offering startups and scaleups the opportunity to connect with potential investors, partners and customers at evokeAG. 2024. For founders throwing their hats into the ring, program manager Dallas Pearce has seven tips for success.

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Garnett Hall cofounder of vetchip standing talking to delegates at evokeAG 2023 in Adelaide. He is wearing a white shirt, is in front of the evokeAG sign.

Now in its fourth year, the evokeAG. Startup Program will see Australian and International startups secure a spot on evokeAG.’s flagship Startup Alley.

Founders can also apply to pitch at the exclusive Culinary Capital Dinner, a fresh reimagining of the Investor Pitch Dinner from previous years.

New in 2024, a Scaleup Station will offer exhibition space for Startup Alley alumni.

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This year, AgriFutures Australia is looking for applications from companies who can show their “exceptional edge” – the 2024 events theme.

Eligibility criteria from the program includes being able to demonstrate an ‘edge’ over other market players; having some traction; and showing understanding of market needs and growth potential.

For the Culinary Capital Dinner, startups should be able to show investment readiness. For the Scaleup Station businesses must have participated in the Startup Alley, and should show they’ve grown or evolved since.

Program manager Dallas Pearce expects competition to be fierce so, here are her seven top tips to help your application stand out.

1. Take your time

First, give yourself plenty of time to complete and proof-read your application.

“So many applications come in at the last minute,” Dallas said.

“Don’t rush it. If you take your time and put in a lot of effort, it really shows.”

2. Know your value proposition

A good application will clearly show how your technology provides a solution to a challenge in the agrifood sector, Dallas explained.

“I really encourage applicants to keep it simple,” she said.

“Explain the problem you’re solving, and how your technology or innovation provides a solution. This shows you know the market, and the challenges your customers are facing.

3. Write in layman’s terms

Write your application with the assumption that whoever is reading it – and reviewing it – has no prior knowledge of your business.

Dallas herself, or the AgriFutures Australia team, might be familiar with some of the applicants, she explained. But this year, they’re not assessing applications, instead applications are being reviewed by an independent assessment panel.

So, it’s important to clearly spell out all the information required, while avoiding any industry jargon, acronyms or assumptions.

“Make sure that you’re writing that application very simply, really putting all of the information in there,” Dallas said.

4. Answer the question

Similarly, Dallas encouraged applicants to answer the questions being asked in the application form, without adding irrelevant information, and without descending into marketing lingo.

“We’ve really thought about these application questions, and the questions are assessed on the assessment criteria.  Ensure you are providing full answers to every question prior to adding additional information not related to the question.”

5. Share your ‘why’

Where relevant, try to weave your story into your application, taking the reader on the journey you’ve been on as a founder.

“A lot of companies have really great stories to tell of why they developed the technology in the first place,” Dallas said.

“Including that in the application is really important – it connects whoever’s reading it with your technology.”

6. Write authentically

Sharing your ‘why’ effectively means writing with authenticity – maintain your unique voice and don’t copy and paste your marketing or website materials.

Perhaps most importantly – don’t rely on Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools like ChatGPT, Dallas warned.

There’s nothing wrong with using AI for support in writing your application, for editing and grammar checks, for example.

“Just make sure you’re writing it authentically; it should be your own words and your own tone of voice.”

7. Show what you can bring to evokeAG.

Finally, there’s a lot for startups to gain from the evokeAG.  startup program.

But to really stand out, demonstrate the value you’ll bring for other attendees.

“How will the delegates at evokeAG. benefit from having your technology or innovation in the room?,” Dallas asked.

Applications for the evokeAG. 2024 Startup Program are now open and close Monday, 23 October 2023.

For more information on the evokeAG. 2024 Startup Program and Scaleup opportunities, eligibility criteria, entitlements and to apply visit:

For more information about evokeAG. 2024, and to purchase tickets visit AgriFutures Australia is encouraging delegates to secure their tickets, flights, and accommodation early to avoid disappointment.

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