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BioScout’s UVP is real-time monitoring of the pathogens in a farm field pre- and post-fungicide spraying. BioScout’s services provide much needed data and visibility to end-users that ultimately saves them yield quality and quantity as well as minimising fungicide resistance. Unlike traditional disease detection and management methods, which can only see and react to diseases after they have spread costing farmers billions, BioScout’s airborne disease tracking platform lets farmers know when disease strikes prophylactically and what they can do about it.

The direct benefits for farmers and agronomists are:

  • Improved fungicide efficiency – end-users are able to track how well fungicides are working and are able to monitor appropriate levels to know exactly when to spray;
  • Smart management of fungal disease loads – farmers are given greater information about paddock conditions which can inform sowing and harvesting plans;
  • Monitor increasing fungicide resistance before it becomes irreversible;
  • Maximising yield quality and quantity.

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