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Escavox is offering a service to the global food supply chain network that is easy to adopt and embed within existing operations. This makes Escavox technology an ‘operationally consumable’ product, positioned for rapid deployment at a scale of significant global reach and volume. Escavox’s low-touch, robust technology drives high-gain, actionable data for food producers to use when making decisions about how their product should be transported to ensure optimum quality and reduce waste. The technology requires no specialist training to be used and is available and applicable to all members of the supply chain, even if they are competitors. This is because Escavox technology is automatic, independent, and agnostic, capturing and relaying in real-time the elements of time, temperature, and location so that all supply chain participants have clear visibility of what the food product is experiencing during transit.


The streamlined system gives food managers accurate and timely information to make immediate operational improvements or longer-term structural changes and investments with confidence. Data from Escavox’s service is helping food suppliers: Improve supply chain efficiency. Extend product quality, freshness, and shelf-life. Establish a verified transit path to assist in the assessment of contested claims. Reduce losses, waste, and carbon miles.

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  • Founder/s

    Luke Wood, Nicola Sanderson, Darryl Lyons

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  • Raising capital


  • Event

    evokeAG. 2022

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  • Identified through

    evokeAG. 2020 & 2022

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