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Escavox: Smart supply chain technology that's saving food and dollars

Did you know $20 billion of food is wasted in Australia every year? Globally, that figure is closer to $1 trillion. But how can we improve supply-chain management if we don’t know what, or where the problems are?

Australian agritech startup, Escavox has a solution. It’s a little blue box tracker, described as CCTV for food, that’s placed in a fresh food carton at the point of packing and travels through the supply chain capturing data on dwell time, temperature and location.

It uses real-time monitoring that’s helping to cut food waste, protect premiums and improve market access for Australian farmers.

Escavox’s focus to date has been on Australia, starting with horticulture in 2019, moving into the meat sector in 2020 and early seafood trials starting in 2021. Now they’ve set their sights on expansion into international export markets like southern Africa and South America.

We caught up with Luke Wood, CEO, and Co-Founder of Escavox, to learn more about this technology, the wide-reaching benefits for our agricultural sectors and what the next phase of growth looks like. Read more here.

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