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Farmable offers farm managers total control over their orchard operations while automatically generating compliance documentation, directly reducing the time spent by the growing team on planning, communication and data management.

Recent highlights from Farmable:

  1. We have onboarded over 5000 farms into our global platform for horticulture growers
  2. Launched our firstpaid product in June 2021 (with the first paying customer coming from Australia).
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  • Founder/s

    Lars Petter Blikom

  • Country


  • Raising capital

    Preparing to raise Series A in Q4 2021

  • Seeking


  • Identified through

    evokeAG. 2020

In The News

Precision agriculture isn't what they say it is

Precision agriculture is a journey. It's a journey the whole agriculture industry has been on for thousands of years, and which will continue for as long as people eat food.
Farmable blog
18 May 2021

What problems will precision agriculture solve?

It's safe to say that I am not dreaming at night about increased yields and reduced use of input resources. Instead, I have three things that bother me, and that I want to fix with "precision agriculture".
Farmable blog

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