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We are helping farmers and agronomists detect pests, leaf disease and assess food quality accurately. We have developed a patent-pending phone clip-on microscope that creates lab-quality imaging conditions making it easier for our Artificial Intelligence app to make accurate detections. With this device and our Go Micro AI App anyone can build their own high accuracy detection app with just 50 images.

We are currently working with partners to develop apps for Insect Detection, Plant Disease Detection & Fruit Quality assessment. Anything that can be detected by the eye can now be detected by AI. We are creating hundreds of AI engines that will help farmers detect issues of importance to them accurately, affordably and instantaneously.

GoMicroAI with specially designed phone attachments can also grade fruits and vegetables accurately. We are able to assess ripeness, size and also assess flaws and damages. Our suite of devices can be used to assess produce from plant to plate. It can be used to assess ripeness on the plant and be used throughout the supply chain till it reaches the retail stores. As it is based on phones it can be used to track the state of produce throughout the supply chain helping to rescue food waste. Much of produce assessment is now subjective.

GoMicro can make it objective by enabling growers and buyers to create mutually agreeable quality standards that can be verified using GoMicro apps and devices.

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  • Founder/s

    Krishnapillai Anandasivam, Jarrad Law

  • Country


  • Raising capital


  • Event

    evokeAG. 2020

  • Seeking

    Customers, Investment, Farm trial sites

  • Identified through

    evokeAG. 2020

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