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Callan Daley

Field and Operations Lead | MEQ Probe | Future Young Leader

Brungle Creek, NSW

Callan grew up in Central Queensland, 100km north-west of Longreach on a beef production station. He studied a dual degree of Engineering and Biotechnology for 18 months at the University of Queensland before taking six months off to help manage the work-load on the family properties and reignite his passion for agriculture. Callan is dedicated to sharing the stories of the land and is a 2015 ABC Heywire winner and 2019 Heywire Mentor.


Callan attended evokeAG 2019 as a Future Young Leader and shortly afterwards, began working with a fellow Future Young Leader, Jordy Kitschke, as a Field Technician for Jordy’s agtech startup called MEQ Probe. Together they work to predict red meat eating quality using bio-photonics and machine learning. Callan is an extremely passionate advocate for rejuvenating rural and regional Australia by helping improve the language used within and around agriculture and influence an increase in the pride we have for such a vibrant and versatile industry.