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Embracing the future with Nina Schick and Phil Morle

This week we bring you our evokeAG. 2024 series with Nina Schick and Phil Morle joining our contributor Jayne Cuddihy in conversation to explore how artificial intelligence is changing humanity.

Nina Schick on stage at evokeAG 2024.

With a showcase lineup of speakers at evokeAG 2024, the event highlighted Asia Pacific’s exceptional edge to the world, helping delegates find their cutting edge.

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Centre stage was Nina Schick, a pioneering artificial intelligence expert, exploring how the emerging field of artificial intelligence will change humanity.

In this episode she joins Phil Morle in conversation with our contributor Jayne Cuddihy.

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Phil is a Partner at Main Sequence Ventures, an Australian based venture capital firm attached to the CSIRO.

This series was recorded live at evokeAG. 2024 in Perth and explores the relentless pursuit of innovation in the Asia-Pacific region at a critical juncture in time.


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