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Beverley Hadgraft

Beverley Hadgraft

Journalist | Wahoo Creative

Sydney, NSW

Beverley Hadgraft is an award-winning journalist, with 40 years experience across a variety of mediums, as an editor of top-selling magazines, ghost-writer, podcast producer, and manager of her own freelance company, Wahoo Creative, since 2005.


Bev started her career on evening and daily newspapers in the agricultural food bowl of East Anglia in England quickly learning the ability to find a new angle on the day’s news and turn a story around by deadline. When the European Market opened, Bev moved overseas to set up a series of newspapers for business people negotiating new countries, cultures and markets.


Bev has a passion for telling stories about science, health, business and agrifood production, with regular features in newspapers and magazines both here and overseas, including Australian Women’s Weekly, Good Weekend, The Farmer Magazine and CEO Magazine.

Personalised nutrition and why fad diets are dead

Studies consistently show dieters rarely maintain their weight loss and often regain it with interest. With obesity and diabetes now the cause of many chronic health conditions, what’s the solution? Food Futurist, Tony Hunter shares his views.

16 Dec 2020

Organic rye stalks make eco-friendly drinking straw solution

Plastic straws suck. Too small to be recycled, they end up in landfills and oceans. Now eco-preneurial couple, Marion Vigot and Alexis Branlard, are in a race against time to scale up Australia’s first, planet-friendly alternative, Mister RYE.

10 Dec 2020