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Chris Riddell

Futurist | Speaker | Collaborator

Melbourne, VIC

The emergence and wholesale global adoption of the internet in the 1990s ushered the world into a new age: the communication age. In this digital, hyper-connected world, technology and change is accelerating exponentially. Trends and ideas emerge and recede at rates never seen in the history of mankind. For most of us – exciting as it may be – it’s often difficult to keep up. Chris Riddell is not most of us. The award winning futurist, thought leader, media commentator and internationally recognised keynote speaker has spent his life analysing emerging trends, patterns and behaviours in our digital world.


He connects with businesses and individuals, providing unique insights and expertise about the present and the future, arming people and companies across a broad range of industries with the requisite knowledge to inspire success. Chris Riddell is an expert in digital technology and emerging trends, and he is looking towards the future.