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Dentsu Creative PR

Dentsu Creative PR brings together the expertise of heritage brands Haystac, Cox Inall and Cox Inall Ridgeway into a single agency offering. Our agribusiness practice spans the food and fibre value chain. Our expertise covers science communication, practice change, sustainability, natural capital, climate resilience, agtech and social license issues.

Implementing innovation with impact

If global food waste were a country, it would be third largest emitter of greenhouse gases behind the United States of America and China. The scale of the problem is well quantified, and solutions exist, but for food systems entrepreneur and founder Abi Ramanan, barriers to implementation remain, and caution is needed as we embrace technologies like artificial intelligence.

11 Mar 2024

Leading agtech founders set to the spill the tea

She is a renegade founder transforming food waste management one maggot at time. He is a Harvard and Oxford Scholar, and ex-international rower. But are their views on what it will take to accelerate the Australian agrifood tech and innovation landscape as different as their CVs?

16 Feb 2024

Data and dollars in agrifood tech; which is the chicken, and which is the egg?

Data and dollars are two key ingredients to build a robust agrifood tech and innovation landscape that creates meaningful change in food systems. But how can early-stage startups secure one without the other? Is this a chicken and egg scenario? Early stage agrifood tech venture capitalist and partner at The First Thirty, Antony Yousefian, muses on this dilemma.

12 Feb 2024

Sustainable aviation fuels – are we ready for takeoff?

Tell someone they’re flying on a plane powered by sugar cane waste or used cooking oil, and you are sure to raise a few eyebrows! Here Airbus’ ANZ Chief Representative Stephen Forshaw shares, how science and agriculture can play a major part in solving one of the world’s toughest decarbonisation challenges – reducing carbon emissions from aviation.

27 Nov 2023