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Headshot of Emily Malone

Emily Malone

Regional and rural journalist and communications professional

Wagga Wagga, New South Wales

Emily Malone is a journalist with more than 20 years’ experience and a background in agricultural and science communication. Growing up in the fine wool country of the New England region of NSW, Emily combined her love for regional Australia with an interest in radio broadcasting to work as rural and news reporter for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. She’s also worked as a communication and public relations professional in the university and research sector to highlight innovation and technology in food, agriculture, and viticulture. Emily’s based on a beef cattle farm near Wagga Wagga in southern NSW and still enjoys sharing stories of rural communities.

Five unconventional (but necessary) ways to view the global sustainability challenge through a social lens

Youth climate rallies, rising costs of living, food insecurity and farmers taking tractors to the streets in protest. To solve the world’s environmental problems Dr Lewis Akenji, Managing Director of the Hot or Cool Institute, says we need to tackle social tensions first – and that means addressing food systems sustainability with a five-step approach for a future-fit agrifood culture.

3 Apr 2024

Lobsters, artisan cheese and ‘exploding ingredients’: How these food innovators are pivoting to be price-makers not price takers

The price of fresh food and how the profits are shared along the supply chain from producer to check-out is under scrutiny, in both parliamentary and ACCC inquiries, in the media, and around the dinner table.
But how can fresh food producers pivot business models to get better outcomes? And what role does technology play in unlocking opportunities throughout the supply chain?

1 Apr 2024

Five agrifood innovators share how they score a premium

We often hear about the “cutting edge” or the most advanced technology or product but what about something that’s so radical and un-tested that it’s at the “bleeding edge”?
That kind of innovation can fill a gap in the market and deliver significant premiums but comes with risk.
A diverse group from the agrifood supply chain, both in Australian and export markets, share their insight in developing something new and finding a market willing to pay for it.

27 Mar 2024

Five steps the global agrifood industry must take to harness the opportunities of artificial intelligence

From accelerating the process of plant breeding and predicting shelf life of fresh produce to leveraging satellite imagery and data to develop a drought insurance policy - artificial intelligence (AI) is already at work in our agrifood supply chains.
But as use of this technology gains pace how do we ensure shared benefits and ethical use? The innovators and entrepreneurs at the forefront using this technology share their views.

14 Mar 2024

‘Fertile ground’ New report shows challenges, opportunities and perspectives of agtech in Australia

At the intersection of innovation, sustainability and economic growth – agtech can help underpin the future of Australia’s food and fibre industries. But delivering this exceptional edge means on-farm adoption. A new report by evokeAG. 2024 partner, RSM Australia, recommends greater cooperation to increase awareness and education about innovative solutions. The RSM report unpicks the challenges and opportunities for the Australian agtech sector with insight from leading technology businesses.

3 Jan 2024

How collaborative ecosystems are driving innovation in agrifood

Take cutting-edge agrifood technology, build lasting collaboration to drive further innovation, test at scale and value-add – creating benefits not just for one business but an entire community. It’s an approach to innovation that gives the work of the Future Food Systems CRC an ‘exceptional edge’ and one the CRC is keen to showcase at evokeAG. 2024. 

18 Dec 2023