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Georgie Davies

AgriFutures Australia

Wagga Wagga, NSW

Georgie loves to share the stories and successes of our farmers across AgriFutures Australia’s many communication platforms. As Manager of Communications Channels, Georgie updates social media, the monthly e-newsletters, the website, the podcast channel and works to ensure our levy payers and industry stay connected and informed.


Georgie draws upon her background as a reporter to delve into how rural research and development helps farmers become more sustainable and profitable.

Farm innovation with Mark Mortimer

Mark Mortimer is one of the most innovative farmers you will come across. When he walks out the door to go and work on his farm each day, he has a computer bag over his shoulder. He has a real passion for data collection, and has used it to improve his Merino Stud, year on year.

3 Jun 2020

Investing in agtech - insider tips

What are the differences between the various types of investors and funding groups, what are they looking for and how do you pitch your business idea to capture their attention and win their buy-in?

29 Apr 2020

Does tech really have the answers to the pressures of our growing population?

evokeAG. 2020 speaker Ayala Domani, AGL’s General Manager, Future Business, insists that it’s not all just hype – technology will lead to bottom-line efficiencies, growth and new opportunities. She explains the approach companies should be taking when engaging with start-ups, innovation and technology.

23 Mar 2020