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Guy Coleman

Guy Coleman

Future Young Leader, evokeAG. 2024

Guy is an advocate for open-source innovation in agriculture, created the OpenWeedLocator (OWL) – a low-cost, open-source DIY weed detector to improve accessibility to precision agricultural technologies. He envisions establishing a global open-source weed detection ecosystem, that empowers rural communities and the agricultural sector to drive technological innovation.
With a background in precision weed control and a Fulbright Scholarship, Guy is committed to democratising access to precision farming and knowledge sharing, with users of the OWL already in Australia, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, South Africa, UK, and the USA.

Recipe please: The ‘base biscuit’ for farmer and community driven innovation

Guy Coleman, 29, is the youngest of three, equipping him with the innate ability to share everything perfectly evenly. A self-confessed geek, obsessed with agriculture who grew up dreaming of getting a Clauss Lexion harvester for his birthday (spoiler: it never happened). He’s also an advocate for building on the foundations to get agtech back to the fundamentals of farmer and community driven innovation.

30 Apr 2024