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Jenny Brockie at evokeAG. 2019

Jenny Brockie

Journalist | Documentary-maker | Broadcaster

Sydney, NSW

Jenny is an Australian journalist and documentary-maker, she has previously hosted the SBS program, Insight.


Brockie has spent more than 20 years in broadcasting, reporting nationally and internationally for ABC current affairs programs including Four Corners and Nationwide.

Agriculture 4.0: Future of the Nation from evokeAG. 2019 Plenary stage

This Plenary session officially opened day two of evokeAG. 2019 and featured the Hon. Jaclyn Symes, Anthony Pratt (VISY), Callan Dalley (Future Young Leader), John Harvey (AgriFutures Australia), Ethy Levy (Bridge Hub), Emma Moss (Future Young Leader), and Spencer Maughan (Finistere Ventures). The Agriculture 4.0 panel session was facilitated by Jenny Brockie.

19 Mar 2019