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Matthew Nevison

Agribusiness Student | Future Young Leader

Sydney, NSW

Matthew was born in Wollongong, however, he experienced early childhood in China and Malaysia where symptoms of economic disparity, (namely food security), was the norm. Years later Matthew studied agriculture, biology and earth and environmental science.


Further progression in each subject enabled strong connections to be formed between each discipline, with Matthew realising that their aggregated utility was greater than the sum of each part.


Teaching staff in each of these subjects, especially agriculture, catalysed a desire to learn more about the industry, recognising that agriculture ventured far beyond the farm gate, often ending at the doorstep of consumers.


Drawing upon past experiences Matthew formed the opinion that innovation across food and fibre supply chains is a gateway to food security solutions. Now studying a Bachelor of Food and Agribusiness at Sydney University Matthew aims to curiously venture beyond the syllabus subjecting himself to new ideas and perspectives to apply to the burgeoning food crisis.