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Minh Nga Nguyen

Environmental Chemistry Research | Future Young Leader

Sydney, NSW

Minh is a graduating year 12 student, who has conducted several independent research projects engineering closed-loop systems, which target the agricultural industry’s environmental pollution.


Her most recent project developed a waste-treating-waste approach, in which she recycled agricultural byproducts such as corncob into a multipurpose biochar charcoal. Minh has maximised biochar’s effectiveness in filtering livestock wastewater to meet Australian effluent guidelines, before reusing it as crop fertiliser.


In addition to mitigating livestock water pollution Minh’s biochar-filtration-fertilisation model can economically benefit farmers, by minimising commercial fertiliser costs.


This model has received national and international recognition, winning first place for Investigations at the 2018 BHP National Science and Engineering awards, and the 2018 Australian Junior Water Prize.


Media and industry attention including SBS, CSIRO and the Australian Water Association have enabled Minh to share the promising potential of reusing waste to treat waste, to ensure sustainable food production for the future.

evokeAG. 2019 - Future Young Leaders - Minh Nga Nguyen

With aspirations to become an environmental engineer, Minh Nga Nguyen used agricultural by-products such as corn husks, bamboo scraps and rice waste, to create a biochar product with the dual capability of filtering water and then being used as a fertilize.

16 Nov 2018