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Nina Schick

Nina Schick


Tamang Ventures

A pioneering GenAI expert, Nina Schick analyses how the emerging field of artificial intelligence will change humanity. The Founder of Tamang Ventures, Nina is focused on Generative AI, and advises several AI and technology companies, including Truepic the first to build media authentication technology and Synthesia the world’s first AI-to-video generation platform. Before specialising in Generative AI, Nina worked on geopolitical crises including Brexit, the Russia- Ukraine War and state-sponsored disinformation. She has advised leaders including US President Joe Biden and Former NATO Secretary General, Anders Fogh Rasmussen.

Nina Schick on mind-bending AI: a catalyst for a new food future

Are the robots coming for us? Or is artificial intelligence a new ally on the path to a sustainable food future? Here, global expert in responsible generative AI, Nina Schick, demystifies artificial intelligence – and explains why food producers should embrace this kind of scary, but really cool technology to unlock the food system transformation we need to see.

11 Apr 2024