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Oli Madgett

Oli Madgett

Managing Director, Perennial Australia

McLaren Vale, South Australia

Oli Madgett leads Perennial in Australia, working with the MLA and AgriFutures to scale soil carbon quantification and decarbonise agrifood supply chains.


Oli became a grape grower in South Australia’s McLaren Vale six years ago, after previously co-founding the award-winning Facebook games developer WeR Interactive. He Founded Platfarm out of the frustration of not being able to easily and cost effectively adopt precision agriculture on his vineyard.


Oli helps to run the Adelaide AgTech Meetup, which brings together a community of over a thousand farmers, students, developers, agritech professionals and startups, to help build up a collaborative AgTech ecosystem in South Australia.


He has an extensive history in the digital and IT space in South Australia and overseas too, where he’s become known for his entrepreneurial, creative and collaborative flair – coupled with a willingness to help others and raise the collective power of our agritech ecosystem.

Observing the Earth together, set to benefit agriculture

Earth observation scientist and UK GRIP program leader, Hugh Mortimer talks about the possibilities of space exploration and why global collaboration and co-investment, between the UK and Australia is so important for the prosperity of agriculture and climate change mitigation.

7 Jul 2022

The rules of farm data: how it’s used, shared and secured

Want to know how the National Farmers Federation Data Code is helping farmers and tech companies better navigate data governance? Oli Madgett speaks with Andrea Koch, the chair of the NFF Data Code working group, and Hamish Munro, CEO of PairTree Intelligence about this important issue.

1 Jun 2022

Data interoperability and the digital revolution of agriculture

Data has become the source of truth for agricultural performance and productivity on-farm. Ensuring its protection and usability is key to maximising its value for farmers and agritech vendors. Here agritech founder and industry expert, Oli Madgett shares his views on building consensus on data specifications and why it’s so important for Australia.

6 Apr 2022

Farm data and doing what’s right by the farmer

South Australian grape grower, agritech founder and industry leader, Oli Madgett explores the nuances of the Australian Farm Data Code, and how agriculture can harness its value, and empower farmers to share their data safely and promote agritech adoption.

6 Apr 2022

FLINTpro and environmental data tech

In a time where natural capital accounting is becoming hugely important in addressing the challenges of climate change, FLINTpro’s software simplifies data presentation and empowers policymakers, business leaders, and investors to take action.

16 Apr 2021