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Steve Honner evokeAG. Podcast

Steve Honner

AgriFutures Australia | Farmer

Junee, NSW

Steve covers all things Food, Farm, Future as the host of the evokeAG. podcast, the show where we take a look at the agrifood technology and innovation that are changing the future of farming.


After moving away to Sydney for eight years, Steve is now living back on his farm in Junee. Alongside the podcast, Steve works with the evokeAG. team as the Sales and Partnerships Manager bringing a wealth of experience in the agribusiness sector, along with running his own farm and mixed crop-livestock system.

Ardrossan Orchards and using the Phytec App

Two years ago, Batlow, NSW was devastated by one of Australia’s worst bushfire seasons on record. Our evokeAG. host and fellow farmer, Stephen Honner caught up with Ian Cathels, Manager of Ardrossan Orchards, at their Woodburn orchard, in the middle of their fruit picking season – to see firsthand their progress and how new technology is driving on-farm efficiencies.

30 Jun 2021

Intangible assets: How to value your company's secret sauce

To paint a rich picture of the largely unknown world of intangible assets, we dive deep into conversation with EverEdge Assets Managing Director, Michael Masterson, Tim Hyde, CEO and Founding Director of Swan Systems and Massimo Garbuio, Associate Professor of Sydney University’s Business School to explore the risks, rewards and real-life viewpoints.

10 Feb 2021

AgriWebb's investor journey to the UK

Fifth-generation livestock farmer and AgriWebb co-founder, Justin Webb shares his lessons on launching an Australian startup in the UK, how to access capital in complex economies and why knowing your market is everything.

20 Nov 2020