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How to make the most of evokeAG. 2023

It’s been a while since we’ve all been in the one room, and your event “fitness” probably isn’t what it used to be. So, to help you make the most of evokeAG. 2023: Down to Earth, we've pulled together a list of must-dos. Over two days, 125+ change makers and thought leaders in agrifood technology from eight nations will guide 1,600 attendees through the trends, challenges, and opportunities that will shape the future of food and agriculture.

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1. Plan your schedule.

The event schedule is bursting at the seams — don’t leave it to chance. You can filter the Program on the website by topic to zero in on your interests, for example biosecurity, sustainability, investment, consumer insights, carbon farming, and Indigenous agriculture.  You can also favourite these sessions in the event app so that you can easily manage your schedule and know exactly where you need to be and when.

2. Make sure your profile is visible so people can reach out and connect via the app

The premise of evokeAG. is to bring together the entire agrifood ecosystem – producers, innovators, researchers, corporates, government and investors – to one location to connect and collaborate. evokeAG. attracts people and organisations from different ‘walks of life’, industries and countries who would not usually be in the one place so make the most of the opportunity and the networking app.

To do this, make sure your profile is visible to other delegates in the app so they can contact you. After all, connecting and collaborating is what the next few days are all about. Check your “privacy settings” in the app and select the details you would like to make visible.

3. Tee up meetings in advance.

Why wait to get to Adelaide to make connections? Search the 2023 speakers, partners, and delegates in the event app and use the event app to send them a message. Or use the ‘networking functionality’ in the event app to connect and ‘request a meeting’ with delegates aligned to you and your business objectives. Line up a meeting in the RSM Business lounge, or a coffee pre or post event with someone who could unlock the potential within your business or career.

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4. Bring business cards.

It might sound old school – but don’t forget your [digital] business card. With 1,500 people in the one place, and countless conversations you’ll want to remember who is who in the zoo. A business card is a simple reminder. If you don’t have a digital business card, we’ve got you covered. Each delegate’s lanyard will have a QR code for you to scan. The event app will note your connections and their contact details so you can continue the conversation when you get back to the office.

5. Quality, not quantity

You don’t need to meet everyone — aim to set up a few meetings but also make the most of chance encounters in the UPL Coffee Cart line, or in The Hive while you’re making your way around the exhibitions. You’ll be surprised by the organic conversations you’ll have, and what value investing more time in a handful of contacts yields. Plus it’s not just about the networking. We’ve carefully curated a program of 125+ change makers and thought leaders for you to learn from and be inspired by.

6. Take notes – school is in

Bring a phone, laptop, tablet (If you run out of juice you can always take some time out “getting charged” at the Lucas Group Charging Station) or notepad to take notes on the sessions that hit home for you. Create a list of the two or three things you will do when you get home, and immediately put the information into action.

Adelaide, Australia.

7. Don’t miss the sideline events

Make the most of your time in Adelaide, and the opportunities to take a deeper dive into some of the topics that we’ll explore on 21-22 February. Our partners are hosting a number of sideline events on Monday, 20 February and Thursday, 24 February for producers, investors, corporates and startups. Find out more on the program page. And don’t forget to make the most of Adelaide’s food and wine scene. Plan your trip here.

8. Follow-up after the event

With so much to see and do, and a host of new connections, it’s easy for people to forget your name. Follow up with an email, text or direct message after the event with those you would like to stay in contact with to ensure the relationship builds over time.

9. Complete the event survey

Each year evokeAG. sets out to raise the bar, and to make sure the event keeps reaching new heights your feedback is critical. At the end of Day 2, you’ll receive a link to the post event survey. Please spend the time to complete the survey. We want to know the excellent, the good, the not so good, and as some say the ugly!

Want to learn more about agrifood tech in the Asia Pacific and rub shoulders with like-minded innovators and producers? Join us at evokeAG. on 21-22 February 2023 in Adelaide, South Australia. You’ll hear from farmers and tech developers with solutions to agricultural challenges and everything in between. Tickets for evokeAG. 2023 Down to Earth.

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