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Intangible Matters Series: Mitigating risk when scaling

Understanding how intangible assets can be the weather forecast for your business.

1 hour 30 min watch
Intangible Matters Series: Mitigating risk when scaling

The speed of innovation in agritech has never been faster – in fact, in many instances, Covid has expedited the innovation cycle and speed to market. However, a challenge for many companies is how you scale quickly, while at the same time making sure you have the right measures in place to protect your business and the intangible assets (such as data, brand, confidential information, systems and processes, customer and supplier relationships, software, code, patents, and trademarks) you create that underpin your competitive edge.

This challenge is one that Gill Burke, Co-Founder and Director of Beta A2, a nutrition company making products from real Australian A2 protein milk, faced when she began scaling up to export globally. Corporate espionage, cyber-attacks, threatened litigation – Beta A2’s journey was littered with challenges, which sadly are not that uncommon.

In this Intangible Matters Series hear from Gill about her scale-up journey, and from Michael Masterson, Managing Director at global intangible asset advisory, valuation, and transaction firm EverEdge, about how to innovate and scale at speed, while also ensuring you mitigate the key risks you’re likely to face on your journey, including:

  • what are intangible assets and why are they so critical
  • how intangible assets drive your competitive edge
  • what are the key intangible asset risks companies face and how to mitigate them.
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