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Local Startup Showcase: Lisa Anderson - Thinkbio

Thinkbio Pty Ltd is an innovative Australia company using selected strains of bacteria and fungi to deliver sustainable solutions whilst optimising the yield potential of agricultural crops.

Kreotec is Thinkbio’s lead product which enables growers to deliver a sustainable form of nitrogen to the crop through the use of selected microbes.

Kreotec is not designed to replace chemical fertilizer, but it allows growers to reduce their application of synthetic fertilizer by up to 40% and maintain productivity of their crops whilst reducing environmental impact. Kreotec is part of a growing portfolio of the KREO biological range, helping farmers to maximise the yield potential of their crops whilst investing in the longer term future of their farms.

ThinkBio was one of eight successful local (including New Zealand and the Pacific Islands) startup participants who showcased their startup on stage with a 3-minute presentation at evokeAG. 2020.

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