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Exceptional agrifood innovators and ideas powering change: The 2024 evokeAG. Program

The sharpest agrifood innovators and tech thinkers will have their finger on the pulse – and the buzzer – at the 2024 evokeAG. in Perth, Western Australia. The celebrated line up will take to the stage for the two-day event on 20-21 February 2024.

evokeAG. 2024
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Bryce Ives onstage at evokeAG 2023 Bryce Ives will put contestants to the test in provokeAG.

Local and international speakers are primed to share ideas and build connections in pursuit of a more resilient, sustainable, and profitable agrifood sector and value chain. 

 “At evokeAG. 2024 we want to ignite fresh perspectives, spark innovative thinking and ultimately propel transformative change as we facilitate discussions of global significance and tackle the issues that are yet to be fully comprehended,” AgriFutures General Manager, Global Innovation Networks, Harriet Mellish said. 

“We’re also introducing evokeAG.’s take on Jeopardy. provokeAG. will keep contestants on their toes as game show host, Bryce Ives quizzes them on all the hot topics at play in the agrifood sector. 

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“Every speaker featured in the evokeAG. program is on a mission to address complex challenges through innovative solutions. 

“They’re a diverse range of thought leaders and change makers who will delve into the current environment and influences that have created a critical juncture for the ag sector.” 

With the evokeAG. 2024 theme of ‘Exceptional Edge’ front and centre, we’ll explore how Australia is kicking goals to secure our place as a global heavyweight in agricultural production and sustainability.  Through the strength of some of the most innovative inspirational speakers and startups, we’ll showcase Australia’s exceptional edge to the rest of the world.   

Here’s a glimpse at some of the themes and sessions we’ll dive into with exceptional minds, sharp business leaders, and trailblazing innovators. 

Image of Nina Schick

Nina Schick, founder of Tamang Ventures.

Day 1: Explore it all, from mind-bending AI to fierce (but friendly) gameshow action 

Artificial intelligence (AI). It’s here. But where does it start, where does it end, and what comes next? Journey into the future of AI with Nina Schick, founder of Tamang Ventures, to discover how it will change the way we produce, trade, consume food and agricultural commodities. Nina will address plenary with a keynote address before going on to facilitating a panel “The great balancing act: AI, the possibilities, and the responsibilities” alongside Ponsi Trivisvavet, CEO, Inari and food systems entrepreneur Abi Ramanan. 

Abi will also share the incredible story behind one of the most exciting agrifood tech innovations in years in keynote presentation, ‘Innovating for good: How agrifood tech can digitise food supply chains and reduce food waste’. Abi is the co-founder of Papa’s Pickles, a food social enterprise and will share how, and where in the supply chain technology can help avoid the current climate where a third of all food we produce globally is going to waste.  

A heashot of Abi ramanan. She has shoulder length black hair and is in a navy jacket with a black top.

Abi Ramanan is the co-founder of Papa’s Pickles, a food social enterprise.

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You’ll learn how the Australian biofuels industry is flying in a panel discussion with Stephen Forshaw, Chief Representative for ANZ and APAC, Airbus, and others before cruising on down the runway to a thought-provoking panel discussion with Cressida Cains, co-founder of Pecora Dairy, Nick Stamatiou, CEO and Co-founder of Whole, and Professor Philip Howard from Michigan State University. The trio will talk all things market access, input costs, logistics, and supply and demand in “Price maker, or price taker? Unlocking the potential of more equitable agrifood supply chains.” 

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With plenty more on the agenda, day one will finish the way every exceptional day should – with a celebration of Western Australia’s exceptional produce. Festival of Food will take you on a tour of Western Australia’s food and wine regions, while reflecting on the smorgasbord of thought-provoking ideas from day one, enjoy a chat with new and old connections, and refuel for day two.

Day 2: Balancing act, biologicals, and bursting into global leadership

It’ll be a meeting of the minds (and hardware versus software) when Olympia Yarger, Founder and CEO of GOTERRA and Justin Webb, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of AgriWebb, come together in The Great Exchange.  

Onshore vs offshore – is it okay for Australia to be an incubator for the development of agtech and innovation to enable exporting of IP, and should we aim for more local growth and investment to retain IP?  And who could do more? Are corporates getting a free ride? Are VC’s all talk? What can RDC’s do differently? It’s all on the table and more, so settle in as these two hit the stage to discuss, debate, and deconstruct. 

Image of Olympia Yarger

Olympia Yarger, Founder and CEO of GOTERRA.

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Biologicals are on the brink of exciting prospects – using natural defences to improve yields, prevent disease and ward off pests – but how does an industry on the edge of adoption take the next step and realise its potential? Join “Biologicals: Where to from here?” to hear from Dr Pam Marrone, Co-founder and Executive Chair, Invasive Species Corporation, Nitin Vaish, Business Development – Agriculture at Ginkgo Bioworks, along with front line producers and academics as they shine the spotlight on the hurdles and pathways to success and scale. 

Image of Pam Marrone-web

Dr Pam Marrone, Co-founder and Executive Chair of Invasive Species Corporation.

Private equity investments in agrifood technology are on the rise and reshaping the role of venture capital. So is increased diversity of capital solutions of benefit to founders, farmers, and the startup ecosystem? Or does it crowd the path to success and scale? In a panel discussion between leading international agrifood tech VCs and top tier private equity investors – “Pooling our resources towards a collaborative investment landscape” – discover what current market and investment trends mean for the Australian agrifood technology and innovation ecosystem. 

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The lineup of topics and sessions will spark connections, ignite collaboration, and forge valuable partnerships between farmers, investors, decision-makers, and corporates. Like the speakers, attendees will leave inspired to reshape the future of the agrifood value chain for a more sustainable, productive, and profitable agricultural sector.  

Access the full program at evokeag.com/2024-program. 

For more information about evokeAG. 2024, and to purchase tickets visit evokeag.com/2024. AgriFutures Australia is encouraging delegates to secure their tickets, flights, and accommodation now to avoid disappointment. 

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