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'Becoming makers, not takers of agritech' with Sarah Nolet

Listen to our Food Futurists x evokeAG. podcast collaboration series with Andy Lowe, featuring Sarah Nolet, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Tenacious Ventures as they explore the rise of digital agriculture.

Sarah Nolet Sarah Nolet, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Tenacious Ventures.

We’re excited to launch the Food Futurists x evokeAG. collaboration series with Professor Andy Lowe, a highly acclaimed and innovative research leader at the University of Adelaide exploring solutions today that will help drive sustainable food systems tomorrow.

Andy’s first conversation with Sarah Nolet, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Tenacious Ventures explores the rise of digital agriculture, breaking down industrial era mindsets, and why ‘becoming makers, not just takers of agritech’ is so important for Australia’s blossoming agritech industry and early adopter farmers.

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Working at the frontier of agrifood tech innovation, Andy Lowe draws upon a wealth of knowledge throughout the series ­– speaking with industry heavyweights like Sarah about the future of food – from new-age seawater greenhouses to soil microbe technologies and everything in between.

Listen to more of Andy’s podcasts here: Food Futurists and Eco Futurists.

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