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Fleur Anderson at evokeAG. 2020

Fleur Anderson

Office for Rural and Regional Queensland | Farmer

Theodore, QLD

Fleur is a cotton farmer, a Director, a mum, owner of The Cahoots Group; a rural communications agency, a podcaster and Founder of the Rural Business Collective. While her experience in business is diverse from fashion retail to digital communications and app development the common thread is community.


Fleur has a strong connection and vision for rural Australia. Community development, stakeholder engagement, and social investment are areas of great interest. Having worked across agriculture, industry, not-for-profit and philanthropic sectors, Fleur believes they all have a place in building strong, resilient and sustainable communities.


Fleur’s work is currently centred around the future of small towns and building an entrepreneurial culture in the bush. Community partnerships, social investment and engagement are part of her wide-ranging client service, while working remotely from central Queensland and travelling extensively throughout the state.

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16 Apr 2019