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The Future of Food

Technology is making its way to the centre stage of food production with innovations at every turn.

Image of fresh fruit and vegetables with a stencil of a plate, knife and fork with a world map cut out on the plate.

These food innovators are leading from the front from alternative protein sources in the shape of the humble insect to a waste problem becoming an innovative health product flying off the shelves.
In this episode we speak to some of the leaders in this space helping us think differently about the way we see food production and food businesses in Australia. Featured in this episode:

  • Krista Watkins – Natural Evolution Foods
  • Olympia Yarger – GoTerra
  • Jacinta Monk – Kimberley Wild Gubinge
  • James Pateras – Modular Farms
  • Sakkie Pretorius – Macquarie University Yeast 2.0 Project
  • Anastasia Lloyd-Wallis – The Retail Doctor Group
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