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Humans of Agriculture speaks with Mike Lee

We’re excited to share our Humans of Agriculture x evokeAG. podcast collaboration episode with Oli Le Lievre and Mike Lee.

49 min listen
Mike Lee evokeAG speaker Mike Lee

This week we bring you another Humans of Agriculture x evokeAG. podcast, as part of our collaboration series with Oli Le Lievre.

Here Oli speaks with Mike Lee, a global food futurist based in the US, about the possibilities of our future food system and what that may look like in five to 25 years – and how better connections between farmers and consumers is key to agricultural prosperity.

As Co-Founder of Alpha Food Labs – a food innovation company that helps other companies create innovation strategies and new products that are better for people, planet, and palate – and Founder of the Future Market, a futurist food lab, Mike’s experience in food design and innovation is incredibly diverse.

Mike’s blue-sky thinking leads to pondering big questions like, “How do you empower farmers who know what’s best for their land, but they’re not really empowered to communicate that directly to consumers?”

We hope you enjoy their conversation about the future of food, farming, and deep thinking to drive innovation. Learn more about the Humans of Agriculture podcast and read Oli’s stories, here.

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