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Making sense of blockchain and its value for farmers

This week, we speak to Emma Weston, CEO and Co-Founder of AgriDigital about blockchain technology, how it’s evolved and used across agricultural industries today, specifically grains, and how it’s empowering farmers to access value beyond the farm gate.

AgriDigital’s recent integration of its farmer product, Waypath with Geora, a blockchain solutions-based company, is supporting this goal. The integration enables growers to generate a digital record of their grain inventory on the blockchain when they make a delivery, which provides greater traceability and finance security.

Our regular evokeAG. contributor Judy Kennedy caught up with Emma Weston to learn more about the partnership between AgriDigital and Geora and how tech stack integrations like this, are helping to ease the barriers to adoption – and at the end of the day, solve problems across the supply chain.

We hope you enjoy their conversation.

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