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SynBio and how to feed the next generation of space explorers with Jenny Mortimer

This week we bring you our evokeAG. x Food Futurists collaboration series with Professor Andy Lowe exploring solutions today that will help drive sustainable food systems tomorrow.

37 min listen
Image of Jenny Mortimer

In this episode, Andy catches up with Jenny Mortimer, Associate Professor of Plant Synthetic Biology in the School of Agriculture, Food and Wine at the University of Adelaide to explore the possibilities of Synthetic Biology (SynBio) and how it could help to grow plants and medicine for astronauts living and working in space.

Imagine fresh food growing in a space station – safe from cosmic radiation – to provide the nutritional needs and creature comforts, astronauts normally go without.

SynBio is an area playing a crucial role in addressing some of the key challenges, we face today, in outer space and here on Earth, such as making biodegradable plastics and increasing plant production in vertical farming to grow more food.

In this interview, Jenny explores the leaps and bounds of research and the challenges ahead, on the epic voyage of novel food production.

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We hope you enjoy their conversation

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