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Tackling the otherwise impossible - greenhouse solutions in hot and dry coastal regions

In this Food Futurists x evokeAG. collaboration podcast we take a look into a sustainable greenhouse solution for hot and dry coastal regions, often where conventional agriculture would otherwise be impossible.

Charlie Paton, Seawater Greenhouse x Food Futurist podcast

Professor Andy Lowe speaks to Charlie Paton, Founder of Seawater Greenhouse, a company that designs greenhouses that are powered by sunlight, utilise the seawater to water plants and also create a cooler and humid environment where plants can thrive and reduce evapotranspiration by up to 90%.

Seawater Greenhouse technology has been implemented in some of the hottest and driest places in the world, such as Abu Dhabi, Oman, Somaliland and here in Australia, in Port Augusta for Sundrop Farms.

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Here, Andy and Charlie talk about the novel greenhouse design and other solutions to help tackle climate change within agriculture.

We hope you enjoy their conversation.

You can get in touch with Andy Lowe, via his website or LinkedIn and listen to his Food Futurists or Eco Futurists podcasts.

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